News : Read the latest ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles - Benyviridae, Polyomaviridae and Ophioviridae

21 August 2017

Here we feature the families Benyviridae, Polyomaviridae and Ophioviridae in our series of ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles.

Polyomaviridae have been associated with cancer in their hosts and strains can infect mammals, birds and fish, as well as humans. The Polyomaviridae are small, non-enveloped viruses that have circular double-stranded DNA genomes and constitutes four genera.

Benyviridae and Ophioviridae are both single-stranded RNA viruses that can infect plants and contain only one genus. Benyviridae, positive-sense RNA viruses with rod-shaped virions, can cause rhizomania, a disease in the roots of sugar beet. Some species of Ophioviridae are transmitted through soil and can infect many different plants including vegetables, trees and shrubs.

Find the full collection of ICTV Taxonomy Profiles here.

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