News : Latest ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles published – Corticoviridae and Iridoviridae

07 June 2017

In this issue we feature Corticoviridae and Iridoviridae, two families of icosahedral, double-stranded DNA viruses.

The Corticoviridae family has only one recognized species: Pseudoalteromonas virus PM2, which is the first bacterial virus to be shown to contain lipids in the virion. The Iridoviridae contains the Alphairidovirinae subfamily which infect bony fish, amphibians and reptiles. It also contains the subfamily Betairidovirinae which mainly infect insects and crustaceans and can cause high mortality rates in commercially and ecologically important fish and amphibians.

Find the full collection of ICTV Taxonomy Profiles here.

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