News : Latest ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles published: Geminiviridae and Ourmiavirus

29 March 2017

This month showcases the second edition of our ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles – an open access series of review-type articles, published by the Journal of General Virology, that provide concise overviews of the classification, structure and properties of individual virus orders, families and genera.

In this issue, we feature two groups of plant pathogens: the Geminiviridae family and the Ourmiavirus genus. Members of the Geminiviridae are transmitted by various types of insects in the tropics and sub-tropic parts of the world, while the Ourmiavirus is a geographically diverse genus with no currently identified vector.

The Microbiology Society is publishing these citable profiles online, while the full chapters are available to all through the ICTV website, thanks to a five-year Biomedical Resources grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Find the full collection of ICTV Taxonomy Profiles here.

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