News : Congratulations to our poster prize winners

23 October 2018

Journal of General Virology aims to support the virological community in all that it does and, this summer, we were pleased to award four poster prizes at conferences and meetings around the world. Prizes are awarded to posters that present particularly compelling or novel research in the field, and winners are awarded with a certificate and a cash prize.

Over on the Microbe Post, we caught up with the winners to find out more about them and their work…

The Ann Palmenberg Young Investigator Award recognises junior investigators that have demonstrated particular promise in the field of virology and is awarded at the American Society of Virology’s Annual Meeting. This year’s winner is Dr Ricardo Rajsbaum, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas. Find out more here.

Dr Samantha Ellis, at the Roslin Institute, was awarded the JGV Prize for Best Poster at the 2018 Focused Meeting on the Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Avian Viruses in Oxford. Find out more here.

At this year’s Molecular Biology of DNA Tumour Viruses Conference, a PhD candidate, Lucile Guion was awarded the JGV Prize for the best student presentation. Find out more here.

This August, Dr Sebastian Lequime won the JGV Prize for Best Poster at The Second Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in Montpellier. Find out more here.

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