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First ICTV Profiles of 2018 Published: Partitiviridae and Chrysoviridae

14 January 2018

Continuing our series of ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles into 2018 are Partitiviridae and Chrysoviridae. Members of both families are small isometric, non-enveloped viruses. Partitiviridae consists of five genera with characteristic hosts for each (plants, fungi, protozoa or plants and fungi) whereas all nine species (single genus) of Chrysoviridae infect ascomycetous or basidiomycetous fungi.

To view the full collection click here.

Journal of General Virology was selected by the International Committee on Virus Taxonomy (ICTV) to publish these brief summaries of chapters from the 10th report back in 2016. With 23 virus families covered so far there are still many, many more to come and will continue to be published by the journal over the next couple of years..

To keep track of the latest viruses covered go to http://jgv.microbiologyresearch.org/ or follow us on twitter @microbiosoc #VirusProfiles 

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