News : ICTV Virus Taxonomy profile on Ampullaviridae gets top Altmetric score

12 March 2018

A recently published ICTV Virus Taxonomy profile on Ampullaviridae now has the third highest Altmetric score across all the Society's journals, putting it in the top 5% of all research outputs tracked by Altmetric.

This beautiful image (see Fig. 1) of the viruses' amazing champagne bottle-shaped virions captured readers' imaginations and was widely shared across the globe on social media. The image was tweeted by readers from over 39 countries including scientists, healthcare practitioners and science communicators as well as members of the general public. The shape is unprecedented in bacterial and eukaryotic viruses; the name of the single genus Ampullaviridae is derived from the Latin for bottle ampulla, and contains only one described species Acidianus bottle-shaped virus, which infect archaea of the genus Acidianus.

To discover other intriguing virus families go to the full collection of ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles here.

Journal of General Virology was selected by the International Committee on Virus Taxonomy (ICTV) to publish these brief summaries of chapters from the 10th report back in 2016. With 26 virus families covered so far there are still many, many more to come and they will continue to be published by the journal over the next couple of years.

To keep track of the latest viruses covered go to jgv.microbiologyresearch.org/virus_taxonomy or follow us on twitter @microbiosoc #VirusProfiles

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