Candida albicans collection

The polymorphic yeast Candida albicans, recently highlighted in the Microbe Profiles section of Microbiology, is the most important fungal pathogen in humans. Beyond the clinics, basic research in this organism deals with a variety of topics of interest, like the Genetics and Molecular Biology behind antifungal drug resistance; the molecular determinants of endurance to nutritional, pH and oxidative stress imposed by the host defenses; or its interactions with both the host epithelia and bacterial partners that share the mucosal microbiota with the fungus. Furthermore, the development in the last two decades of a plethora of tools to genetically tackle C. albicans, lacking a sexual cycle, has led to its coming of age as a model to study the developmental process of dimorphism in fungi. This collection of keynote research articles published in Microbiology on diverse aspects of C. albicans biology celebrates a golden age of Candida research. – Professor Victor Cid

Candida albicans: Selected articles (ordered by publication date)

Candida albicans collection

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